Making Your Content More Persuasive | Fort Myers Marketing

Making Your Content More Persuasive | Fort Myers Marketing

Persuasive content is the cornerstone of effective online Fort Myers marketing. If your content doesn’t resonate – if your ads don’t speak to a customer, if your blogs don’t argue your case, if your social media posts aren’t persuasive – you won’t convince customers to choose you or take action.

There are a lot of areas where more persuasive content can pay dividends. These areas include:

  • Blog posts
  • Facebook ads
  • Display ads
  • Google PPC ads
  • Landing pages
  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Infographics

Focusing on techniques that create powerful content is the key to improving your Fort Myers marketing. Here are some tips to help.

Create a Strong Hook

The first thing people will notice about your content is the ‘hook’ – the words that draw them in and hook them like a fish on a line.

A good hook plays off of needs and problems. These usually tie back to emotions. For example, fear is a great motivator. Security is another. So is peace of mind, or joy, or satisfaction, or respect. Identify a need, pair it with an emotion, and then write words that reflect that combination.

For example, if you’re a home security company, something like “Make Your Home – and Family – Safe” makes for a good headline for your copy.

Tell a Story

Customers don’t always want to hear a story, but when they do, stories are incredibly effective.

A real estate agent, for example, can tell a story about a couple who was expecting their first child and needed to find a home suitable for a new family. You can talk about how you listened to their needs and were able to find the perfect home – and even recommended colors for the baby’s room. This is a story, not just you saying why you are a good choice.

Telling a story about how you help these people unload their burdens and turn into confident, relaxed individuals – all by coming to you – is much better than simply stating your benefits.

Paint Word Pictures

Finally, you’ll be more persuasive if you paint word pictures that people can imagine.

For example, let’s say you are an accountant. Instead of saying how you help people prepare taxes efficiently and effectively, describe a typical customer who doesn’t use an accountant: stressed, hassled, running their hands through their hair and rubbing their forehead as they slave over a massive pile of receipts, documents, and bills.

Everyone can picture that person – and no one wants to be that person when tax time comes around. By showing them this picture, you are effectively telling them that if they choose you as their accountant, they won’t be that person ever again.

Keep checking this blog in the upcoming weeks for even more Fort Myers marketing tips to help you create better content for your customers.