Marketing, Press Releases in Southwest Florida: Press Release Optimization Checklist

Marketing, Press Releases in Southwest Florida: Press Release Optimization Checklist

I recently went to an SEO presentation about press releases that was given by BusinessWire in Naples, FL at the Garden Hilton.  I walked away with some great information and I wanted to share it with the WBN Marketing blog audience. The rules have definitely changed around submitting press releases. These days, we want our press releases seen online, so the rules for writing them are much different that what we may have been taught! Here are some great tips for getting your press release seen online and getting search engines to find it as well!

1. Write a concise clear headline under 22 words. This will ensure your release is indexed by Google and since Google search results only display about the first 67 characters, make sure to put the most important key words first.

2. Focus your keywords in the first two paragraphs. Search engines place a disproportionate amount of importance on the content early in your release, specifically in the headline, subhead and first two paragraphs.

3. Link early. Links help search engines associate the content of a release to other sites, which help the ranking of the release. Be sure to use links in the first few paragraphs.

4. Use descriptive anchor text for links. Descriptive anchor text tells search engines more about what you’re linking to and why it is relevant to your news. Try not to settle for “Click Here” whenever possible.

5. Include multimedia whenever possible. Not only does multimedia make your release stand out to reporters and readers, but embedded images increase the reach of your release to search engines.

6. Optimize the multimedia you use. To optimize an image, make sure it has a clear file name which accurately describes the image and incorporates a keyword. Also include a descriptive caption for any multimedia asset you use.

7. Include your logo. This is the image most likely to come up if someone searches directly for your brand name and it will link directly back to your press release.

These are great tips, courtesy of BusinessWire. It’s not enough to just provide the facts in your press release. There is an important process to follow to get it seen online! If you need assistance, do contact a professional who can help!

Nella DeCesare