Media Alert: Local Digital Marketer Brings New Product to SWFL Market

Media Alert: Local Digital Marketer Brings New Product to SWFL Market

Contact: Nella DeCesare, Managing Director: [email protected]


Local Digital Marketer Brings New Website Lease Product to SWFL Market 


Naples, FL | January 8, 2021 WBN Marketing of Florida LLC is proud to announce it’s new product, WebLease, which is designed to allow business owners the means to build a professional, WordPress, SEO-ready website and lease the cost, freeing up the necessary cash flow needed to run a business.  WBN Managing Director, Nella DeCesare, stated, “When you consider that websites need to be initially built with the user experience in mind, then maintained, hosted and updated to stay compliant with ever-changing technical and SEO ranking guidelines, it can get costly…especially for a new business.  That’s where website leasing comes in.”

WebLease is also a great product for new businesses or existing businesses who generate the majority of their revenue through online sales or looking to re-build a better website.  A long-term website leasing product can provide the tools needed to generate revenue now, while providing a path to website ownership.  Most website lease terms span between 1 and 3 years, depending on the cost of the website build and on-going maintenance.  DeCesare adds, “There are various benefits associated with website leasing, such as knowing that your website will be continuously updated and maintained, no huge up-front fees, and building an effective online presence without breaking the bank.”

Founded in 2009 and based in Naples, Florida, WBN Marketing of Florida LLC serves clients statewide and nationally.  Services include website development, online lead generation/digital marketing, strategic planning, graphic design, and direct mail.

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