Naples FL Marketing and Advertising: The Importance of Creating an Organic Email List

Naples FL Marketing and Advertising: The Importance of Creating an Organic Email List

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Like most smart business people, you’re probably already using eMail Marketing as part of your lead generation strategy or you’re at least considering it. EMail Marketing is a great way to stay in front of your best clients and get repeat business. If you have a big client base and are not utilizing eMail marketing, you’re truly missing out on additional sales and referrals.  With a client email database at your fingertips, there is no reason why eMail Marketing should not be part of your marketing strategy.

However, for those organizations that do not have a database readily available, implementing an eMail Marketing program can be a challenge. Even for those businesses who wish to grow their eMail list, the task is challenging.  How do you grow your email list or obtain an effective email contact list that will get you new business?

First, What Not To Do

This is a question our company is asked often, “How do I build an eMail list?” While it may be very tempting to buy an eMail list/campaign, we do not recommend it for two reasons:

  • People on a purchased list do not know you or your company; they will consider your email to be uninvited and intrusive.
  • A purchased list cannot be used with many of the great eMail Marketing tools out there, such as Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, etc. It is against their policy in an effort to combat unsavory email and spamming practices.

Additionally, there are eMail Marketing tools offered by companies that will allow you to send your email to a specific group of targeted people/companies in their ready-made database.  Businesses use this tool if they want to reach a specific demographic or industry, i.e. real estate agents, CEOs, etc. While this sounds like a great idea, the flaw is in the fact that you, the user, never get to see detailed reports on who opened your email. You may get a total number of opens or clik-throughs, but you won’t get names. And, you do not have access to the list, so you have no idea who or what companies are the list. The only way to measure effectiveness is if someone from the list contacts you directly. Not totally horrible BUT without thorough reporting, you really have little information to gauge results and help you make improvements to your strategy.

What You Should Do

Creating an organic list is the best way to create an effective eMail list. Even if you don’t have a great email database, you can generate or grow one. How do you do this? By networking! You already do this every day, right? Every time you meet someone, ask for their business card and ask permission to add them to your email list. Most people will say yes and they can always opt out if they don’t wish to receive your emails. However, you’ve established a relationship – one that will prevent your email being reported as spam and one that will generate familiarity with the person you met.

While this seems like the ‘slow boat to China’ approach to creating a list, it really isn’t. If you’re diligent about asking every person you meet, you could develop an eMail database of 1,000 contacts in as little as 4 months.

By doing this, you’ve not only established a relationship with the contact, but you are developing a solid email list of people and businesses who actually want to hear from you – a list of 10 people who want to hear from you is much more effective than a list of 100 people who don’t know who you are and don’t want to hear from you.

Lastly, don’t forget to include your past clients who are an invaluable part of your list (referrals and repeast business!). If you don’t have their email address from a past deal, ask them for it and let them know you’d like to add them to your email list.

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll have a solid and highly-effective email marketing list!