Naples FL Marketing: One Creative Way to Use Visuals in Your Social Media Marketing

Naples FL Marketing: One Creative Way to Use Visuals in Your Social Media Marketing

Social media these days is all about the visual. The pieces of content that get the best responses tend to be visual – be they pictures, infographics, or videos.

The more creative you are when it comes to using visual elements in your social media marketing, the better results you’ll see when it comes to engagement and interactivity. Here is one way you can incorporate a proven factor in engagement with a visual element for better results.

People Engage When You Ask Them To

First, let’s look at a proven way to get more interaction: asking people to engage with you.

It can be a simple question, a survey, or an opportunity to leave a comment, but whatever you do, prompting someone to take action is often what it takes to get them to do just that.

One thing that works well is to ask people to choose between two options. It’s simple, takes very little time, and is inherently interesting; people like to make those kind of decisions. So when you take this principle and incorporate it into a visual element of some kind, you get…

Graphics that Ask Viewers to Choose

Here is a good example.

Let’s say you are in the business of selling landscaping services. You can take two pictures of two different properties with two different landscaping themes and ask your viewers a simple question: “Which one do you like best?”

Anything that gives your readers an opportunity to register their opinion is great. Plus, if you attach it to an offer – say, one lucky commenter will receive a prize package for a special promotion – you’re more likely to boost your responses.

Take it a step further: Encourage people to share and say that one person who shares the picture will win a prize.

At any rate, asking people for their opinion – and using pictures to do so – is an effective way to boost your engagement on social media. Have fun!

By Nella DeCesare, Marketing Strategist

[email protected]