Naples FL Online Marketing Company and More: What Should You Say in a Press Release?

Naples FL Online Marketing Company and More: What Should You Say in a Press Release?

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A press release has long been a staple of marketing and PR. For many decades, a press release as  one of the only reliable ways you could actually get traction with publications and media outlets.  There wasn’t Twitter or Facebook; publications didn’t have websites starved and desperate for content.

Now, press releases aren’t the only tools in your arsenal, but you’d be remiss if you didn’t take advantage of them.  Press releases can give you a good bit of free coverage with a wide variety of publications, and can grant legitimacy to what you have to say (after all, the perception goes, if it’s in a press release it must be news.)

But what should you say in one?

A good press release covers a few essential components of your message:

– The news (what is being announced);

– Why people should care; and

– The key message.

If you are launching a grand opening, for example, that is “the news”. Explain that succinctly in the opening paragraph.

In the next paragraph, explain why people should care. Don’t get too far into marketing speak here; explain the real, tangible benefits people will gain from the opening.  If your store is the only one of its kind, for example, that’s important.

Then, follow up by identifying who your business is and what it does. Be direct and to the point. This is your chance to express your key messages – the main points you want people to know about your business.

What is the most important thing you want people to know about your business? What is the one thing you want them to walk away with – the key message you think fully and completely expresses what benefits your business offers?

Add those messages into a press release, say all of the above in a succinct and direct manner, and you’ll make waves!

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