No, SEO is Not a One-Shot Process

No, SEO is Not a One-Shot Process

People often ask us if they really need to keep up on their website’s search engine optimization, especially if they hired a digital marketing expert to optimize their website before it was launched. The answer to this question is a resounding yes. If you don’t keep up with current best practices, your website isn’t going to appear on the first page of a Google search.

The following analogy is a bit different, but we feel it gets the point across.

Think of the Internet as a singles mixer

Let’s pretend the Internet is an enormous singles mixer and your website is there with the goal of meeting people, establishing connections and setting up a few dates.

Let’s also pretend that the first time your website entered this imaginary dating scene was in the 1970s. And today, instead of keeping up with trends and social norms, your website decides he’s going to give it a go in the same way he would have done 40 years ago.

We’re talking full-on terrycloth jumpsuit (with a bellbottom flair), tons of visible chest hair, gaudy gold chains and white shoes. Your website also decides to use some classic pickup lines that used to work well in the past, such as “did you hurt yourself when you fell out of heaven,” and “if I were in charge of the alphabet I would rearrange the letters to put U and I together.”

All of the things that worked well four decades ago are surely not going to work today, and while yes, your website may get some attention, it’s not going to be the type of attention it wants.

SEO is similar.

Things that helped get your website ranked favorably in the past are often “out of fashion” today. Practices like keyword stuffing, which previously land in the coveted the top slots of search engine results, will now get you penalized (and lost in the search results.)

In closing

If your customers can’t find you, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Suffice to say, if you want your website to rank well and keep ranking well, you’ll need to keep your SEO up to date.

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