Offline Marketing and Online Marketing Should Go Hand-in-Hand

Offline Marketing and Online Marketing Should Go Hand-in-Hand

As a marketer, I often come across situations in which businesses separate online marketing activities and tactics from offline marketing activities and tactics. This makes sense; there is a clear separation between those things we do to promote a business online and offline, in the “real world”.

But, there is a mistake in thinking the two aren’t linked together. In fact, they should go hand-in-hand – and the more you can link the two, the better off your entire marketing strategy will be.

For example, a boutique clothing store can offer a promotion or a coupon to its customers who come in through the door. That is an offline marketing tactic. They can also promote this online, through Facebook, for example. That is an online tactic.

Together, the two tactics build a synergy: people aren’t just encountering the promotion through offline channels, but are also seeing it online, where they can share it with their friends and talk about the business. In this way, online marketing can extend your word-of-mouth reach.

You can go even further with that. You can use the same advertisement offline and online. You can get customers in your store or location to review you online. You can use QR codes to drive traffic from in-person visits to your website. You can use a website to supplement in-person information.

The point is to find a way to tie together what you’re doing on the Internet to what you’re doing through offline methods. The closer the two are connected, the more synergy you’ll have in your efforts – and the better results you’ll experience.

Focus on developing a strategy that incorporates both offline and online marketing plans and tactics. Ultimately, think of where your customers go. Chances are, they’re online, too.