Planning Marketing Strategy on a Budget | Florida Internet Marketing

Planning Marketing Strategy on a Budget | Florida Internet Marketing

Florida Internet marketing is essential to succeeding in today’s competitive marketing, and it involves creating a thorough strategy that will guide you through the process to your conclusion: more customers.

But it may feel impossible if you’re on a budget. How can you plan and implement an effective strategy if your resources are limited, especially if you’re a small business?

Here is how you can plan a Florida Internet marketing strategy that works with a limited budget for maximum effectiveness.

Identify Your Majority

First, take a good look at your audience. You want to identify your majority – the group of people who have one major characteristic in common that make up the majority of your audience.

For example, if you’re a tanning salon, your majority likely consists of young females below the age of 30. While you could definitely get customers who are older – and even get men of all ages – your sweet spot, so to speak, is that particular demographic.

This will help you focus in on the largest group of people whom you can target, so you’re not trying to target everyone with your limited budget.

Find Out Where They Are

Once you have your majority, that key demographic, find out where they are online.

What do they read? Where do they go? Are they on social media? If so, which platforms? Do they use email? Do they perform Google searches?

You can find out this information by browsing online, but you can also ask your current customers in that demographic to fill out a quick and short survey asking them these questions.

Plan Your Approach

Once you know how to reach them, pick one major channel and plan for it first. Plan every detail; how frequently you’ll send messages; what message you want to transmit; what selling points you’ll use; the tone and style of your messages, etc.

If you can fully commit to that approach and still have resources left over for another channel, then you can implement the next channel and plan for it as well. This approach gives you the chance to efficiently target your core audience using as few resource as possible while still being effective.

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