Project Management Software

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Project Management Software

You’re running a small business, but you’ve recently taken on a large-scale project. Your team has a lot of small goals to complete every step of the way with this project, and it is imperative that everyone is in constant communication throughout the process so that all of the pieces come together smoothly and in sync. Traditionally, teams will meet in person once a week or so in order to track progress and get a better understanding of everyone’s place in the project’s progression. It’s a good way to gauge if anyone is overloaded with too many tasks at the same time, and for others to offer assistance and input so that the team can come together.

But, more often than not, you end up forgetting to mention that “one thing” you wanted everyone to know that’s been bothering you or that you wanted to change, or everyone gets sidetracked by a part of the project or even a side conversation that has nothing to do with the project at all. Many times, these meetings are a time drain and in the end not a lot is accomplished.

A good solution for this is project management software. The point of project management software is to make things easier on your business. It’s imperative that you take ease of use into account. Specifically, you should think about the process of onboarding and integrating the software into your business. How disruptive will it be? What’s the learning curve? Will it be able to “talk” to the other tools and software you already have in place?

Everyone from your team can update every small detail of progress from their individual piece of the project as they move forward, and small chatrooms can even be formed if people working with similar pieces of the project want to work individually together to really perfect their piece. 

Most businesses don’t remain static for very long. Things are always changing and the inevitable ebbs and flows mean your business needs won’t remain the same. The idea is that you’ll end up growing over time, and you’re going to need solutions that are scalable to that growth. Take this information into account when you begin researching your options.

No matter how intuitive or smooth a piece of software is, you’re going to experience occasional bugs and issues. It’s during these moments that you’re going to need exceptional user support. Before making a final decision on any project management tool, be sure you’ve done some research on how responsive and effective their support is. This way, you’ll experience as minimal project interruptions as possible.

Finally, you can’t responsibly forget about cost. This is the most practical and necessary consideration to make when researching project management software. You should be as flexible with your budget as possible – and contextualize ROI when accounting for the expense – but don’t overlook this aspect.