Purging Your Site for Better SEO

Purging Your Site for Better SEO

When it comes to SEO services in Florida, every little step you can take helps in the long run. That means not only picking the right keywords and taking care of the back-end stuff you need to do; it also means checking your website for deficiencies.

Not every piece of content you have added to your website contributes to better SEO. In fact, they can be quite detrimental to your overall SEO ranking if you allow them to stay on your website and drag down your score.

That’s why you need to occasionally purge your website for better SEO. Here are two areas that are especially important.

Duplicate Content

Good SEO means all content you create needs to be unique. You can’t have duplicate content on your website.

By duplicate content, we mean content that is either the exact same as (or pretty close to) content found elsewhere on your site, or, content that is the same or close to the same as content found outside of your site.

Some business owners, in an effort to take a shortcut or two, copy content from other websites and put it on theirs – not realizing that Google heavily penalizes the copying website. The same goes for having duplicate content on your website, like having the same page in two different locations.

The solution is to check your content to make sure it doesn’t come from anywhere else. There are tools online you can use to perform this check.

Low-Quality Content

Another affront to SEO is low-quality content.

Low-quality content generally is defined by content that is thin – i.e. there’s not a lot of substance to it – and doesn’t perform well – i.e. engagement metrics are poor. These metrics include things like bounce rate, click rate, time on page, and any other metric that shows you people aren’t really interacting well with the page.

Low-quality content can hurt your entire site because if you have too much of the bad stuff, Google will penalize the entire site based on the performance of a few pages.

It’s good to use SEO services in Florida to go through and purge your website on occasion to make sure you have nothing but high-quality content that performs well on your site. This is the best way to ensure your rankings stay high.