Quick SEO Tips for Your Website | SEO Services Florida

Quick SEO Tips for Your Website | SEO Services Florida

As a part of our SEO services in Florida, we help businesses elevate their websites to the top of the search engine rankings using SEO best practices.

A lot of times, though, clients wonder exactly what goes on – what steps are taken to get websites to the top. They want to understand, and you probably do, too.

To help you with your own website, here are a few tips that we put into place as a part of our SEO services in Florida that can help your website gain more visibility.

Have Keyword-Rich Page Tags

Every page in your website has tags that can be applied to it. The biggest ones are the Title tag, the Description tag, and the Keyword tag.

Each of these tags needs to have good content – that’s what will show up when people see your listing in a search result – but they also need to have relevant keywords in them. For example, the keyword for this blog post is “seo services florida”, so our Title and Description tags will both have that keyword in them.

Get Rid of Index.html

Often, you’ll see websites that have pages with URLs that end in index.html. What this does is splits your links. The other commonly-seen ending is default.php. That accomplishes the same thing, and hurts your ranking.

Get rid of index.html and default.php. Have all your pages go back to your actual domain name.

Blog Often

Blogs are great because Google’s search engine spider likes fresh content. The best way to add fresh content to your website is via a blog.

There is no set “perfect” length for a blog post – make them as long as they need to be in order to deliver the message – but longer posts tend to perform better than shorter ones. Shoot for at least 300 words, complete with keywords.

Also, try to post multiple times per week. Three times per week is a great target to hit.

Don’t Stuff Your Content with Keywords

Keywords are important, but they should be used naturally throughout the piece, not stuffed in there. There’s no optimal percentage of keywords to text, just as long as the text flows naturally and the keywords look like they flow smoothly with the content.

Simply adding keywords everywhere you can think to add them is probably very, very bad. (Notice that our keyword has only appeared in this blog post four times.)

Tune in later for more SEO tips that can help you build your online presence and achieve greater visibility with your website.