Reasons You Need Digital Marketing Strategy in 2022, Part 2

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Reasons You Need Digital Marketing Strategy in 2022, Part 2

In our last post we discussed two key reasons your business needs a digital marketing strategy. However, there are numerous other reasons you should have a budget for online efforts.

Search engine optimization isn’t a one-shot process

Investing in SEO is good, but it’s not akin to remodeling your kitchen.  It is not something you can do today and not think about again for another 20 years.  Why? Because the search engine algorithms change constantly (and believe us, it’s a lot to keep up with.) Strategies that helped websites rank well 5 years ago can actually harm their ranking today. Keywords also change—and keyword phrases that ranked high in 2019 may not rank as well in 2022.  The increased frequency of voice searches (i.e., Alexa, Hey Google, and Hey Siri) is also having an impact. Suffice to say, if you’re not keeping up with the latest changes, your website will unlikely rank on the first page of search results.

You’ll have complete control over your budget

Online marketing campaigns can be controlled. For example, if you invest in YouTube advertising, and you opt to pay for video ads that stream before various clips, you’ll only be charged if the viewer watches the ad until the end. If they skip the ad after a few seconds, your account will not be billed. Remember, people who watch your ads in their entirety are more likely to convert into customers-  which makes this particular type of online marketing highly effective.  Regardless as to whether you’re interested in social media campaigns, video ads, or pay-per-click advertising, you’ll have complete control over your monthly spend.

You can target a specific audience                 

Do you own a landscaping business? If so, you likely know that your target demographic is homeowners within a certain area that has a median household income of $X+ per year. You may also have realized that the bulk of your customers are married couples aged 40 and above. When you invest in online marketing you can not only tailor your ads to that demographic, the online marketing agency you partner with can help you target your ads specifically to that demographic. This is far more effective than print, radio, and billboard ads- which take a “throw it all against the wall and hope something sticks” approach.

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