SEO: It’s Not a Set It and Forget It Program

SEO: It’s Not a Set It and Forget It Program

Is SEO a One-Time Process?

If you’re looking to expand your business’ online presence, you’ll need to make sure your customers can find you. In today’s world, you can think of front-page search engine placement as being the same of owning a corner-lot shop on Main Street.

The better your real estate is, the more likely it will be that clients will find you. This is just as true for your online presence as it is for your brick and mortar storefront.

When you start a business, there are a million things you need to handle, such as securing a domain name, setting up your email, and making sure your website is top to bottom perfect. It also means making sure your website is SEO optimized, so the search engine algorithms will understand what your business does.

The level of your SEO optimization will also play a role in where your website ranks in online search results. If you’re wondering if SEO is a one-shot process, we’re here to tell you it’s assuredly not.

Things to keep in mind

Let’s say you need to buy 3lbs of apples to make Thanksgiving pies, and you decide to buy them at the local farmer’s market. On the left, you see vendor A, who sells fresh, crisp apples every week. To your right, you see vendor B, who is still peddling the same batch of apples they were trying to sell two months ago.

Who are you going to buy from?

One of the key things that the search engine algorithm looks at is how “fresh” your website is. If your content hasn’t been updated in you-can’t-remember-how-long, you’re not doing your website any favors. Adding a weekly blog is a great way to incorporate keyword research into thoughtfully written posts.  In addition to helping keep your website fresh, adding a blog can also increase the amount of time that people spend on your website.

Both are important to your SEO ranking.

It’s also worth noting that the types of things the algorithm favors are constantly evolving. What worked well three years ago can, in some cases, harm your ranking today. For example, one business owner we spoke with recalled a website her company launched in 2008. Back then, keyword stuffing landed her website at the top slot on page 1 of a Google search. Once the algorithm changed (and keyword stuffing was no longer favored), her website ranking fell back to page 10.

All in all, SEO is not something you can do just once. It’s an ongoing process.

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