Simple Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Simple Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Various things fall under the digital marketing “umbrella,” such as website design, social media, online advertising, SEO, email advertising, and more. This can easily overwhelm a small business owner who is simply trying to attract more visitors to their website and many small business owners are too busy running day to day operations to thoroughly investigate which digital marketing strategies work best for their business.

Here is a list of digital marketing strategies for small businesses to invest in:

Make sure your website is created with responsive design, and they are simply too difficult to navigate on mobile devices. Industry reports indicate a high number of traffic to websites comes from mobile devices and that number is likely to rise, so it is very important that your website is easy to navigate on a mobile device. Also, be sure that there is a visible button that visitors can click on to get in touch with you, whether it is a phone number or an email address. If they have to zoom in to see a phone number or email address and copy it to somewhere else or write it down to get in touch with you, it is very possible you will lose that visitor/customer. Google has been awarding higher rankings to sites that are mobile-optimized, so this is another good reason to make sure your website is mobile-compatible.

Implement “rich answers” on your website, possibly through a thorough FAQ page. Include common questions you are asked by your clients/customers and the answers to those questions. Google has recognized that people are changing the way they use Google and they prefer to have their question answered by Google than to go searching for the information, so if you have a rich answer to a question, your website could appear first.

Use social media wisely by knowing your audience well, understand that you are creating a voice for your business, using the platforms that work well for your type of business, engage with your followers and share information that is relevant and important to them.

Email marketing is a also a great way for small/local businesses to communicate with their customer base. Facebook and Instagram now only show your posts to a portion of your followers, because they want you to pay to reach more of them. If you have a customer email address database, use it to send emails concerning special events and information regarding new products or services you are offering. There are email-marketing platforms, such as Mailchimp, that make email marketing a cinch.

The WBN Marketing team is highly qualified and experienced to manage all of these strategies in order to help your business grow, while you focus on operations.