A Simple Formula for Getting Guest Blog Posts | Content Marketing in Naples

A Simple Formula for Getting Guest Blog Posts | Content Marketing in Naples


Content marketing in Naples is a terrific way to improve a business’s online presence, and blogging is a big part of that.

Do you know what’s better than just having a blog, though? Getting other people to read it by putting your content on other peoples’ sites.

This is called “guest blogging”, and happens whenever you place a blog – or a link to your blog – on someone else’s blog or website.

Guest blogging is a part of what some call digital public relations, or digital PR. It’s all about placing your content – and thus your authority, credibility, and expertise – on other places online so that other readers beyond your following can see it.

PR helps you spread the word and find new audiences. It also bolsters your reputation. But, from an SEO standpoint, it adds something very valuable: a link.

Links help tremendously in boosting your website’s visibility. You want as many credible, relevant links as you can get from other sites to your own. And guest blogging is one way to do that.

But how do you convince someone to place your content on their site?

The Simple Formula

The goal is to pitch the person and convince them that your content – and, by extension, you – is right for their audience.

Start with the hook. The hook is a brief, one-sentence lead into what your blog is about. It needs to be captivating and compelling. It has to draw people in from the very beginning. “Hi, my name is Steve and I wrote this blog on…” is not a compelling hook.

Something like, “Every year, 33,000 Floridians are seriously injured by an innocent-looking, inconspicuous household item found in every kitchen,” is a good start.

After you get them with the hook, provide a brief – 2-3 sentences – outline of the points the blog covers. Try to make them sound as appealing as possible. Don’t just dryly recite facts. Speak to the impact the information has for society.

Next – and this is important – convince the reader that you are very familiar with their site and their audience. You have to prove that you aren’t wasting their time by pitching something they won’t care about. You have to demonstrate that you know what their blog is all about as much as any of their readers.

Then, connect the dots. Tie your piece into their blog’s purpose and audience and explain why it’s relevant to the blog’s audience. Why must their readers read your work? Don’t puff up yourself or exaggerate, and there’s no need to be cocky. Don’t say, “This blog is the best and your readers will love it!!!” or anything like that. Very calmly lay out the reasons why their readers will enjoy the piece, based on what you already know about their previous posts and blogs.

Notice that at no point are you trying to just pitch yourself as an expert and ask for permission to blog on their site. You must start with an idea. Give them a topic and an outline and let them decide based on that.

Now that you have this formula, you can improve the reach of your content marketing in Naples and get your message out to the masses!