Small Business Marketing Trends

Small Business Marketing Trends

The world of marketing is always changing at a fast pace. It is important to stay on top of the changes in order to stay ahead of the competition. What may have worked really well for your business a few years ago may not necessarily be helping you now. Here are some small business-marketing trends that you may want to keep your eye on:

Enhancing the website user’s experience is paramount. You may have heard about this in relation to web design, but enhancing the user experience is related to marketing and all other aspects of the business as well. Ways to enhance the user experience include making sure that the staff of the business is trained properly and knows to always put customers first, including a web chat feature on your website so that your web visitors can chat with your employees, asking for feedback through surveys and such, and engaging regularly with your target market on social media. The name of the game is communication and making your market aware that you are available and communicative.

Location-based marketing is also very useful. Simply put, this is the ability to target customers based on their location using GPS tracking. Customers have to give permission in order for this to be enabled, and this then allows your business to send people very relevant messages when they are close to your place of business. This is a good way to let consumers know about a promotion or sale as well.

Live-stream video is getting more and more attention. Facebook Live and similar features offered by Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are completely changing the way people look at videos. These videos help to build a buzz with regard to a new product or service and help to engage with the consumer base in real time, even answering questions in real time. This is a powerful tool to watch as it gains momentum.

Micro-marketing is great for small businesses as well, as it helps to reach a smaller more focused market and really zero in on the specific likes and dislikes of this smaller target group.

Collecting data is huge. While there are many ways to use data that is collected, the best use of it is in learning about your customers. Small businesses need this as much as large corporations and there are so many ways to do this now. Filling out surveys is one way and companies can offer a prize to those who fill it out to provide incentive.

Different methods work for different types of businesses, but these are the most talked about methods that are working for small businesses right now. Keep an eye out for emerging trends as time goes on, as the marketing world is ever-changing.