Small Businesses Need Pro Photos

Small Businesses Need Pro Photos

When you first design a website for your small business, you probably think it’s fine to just buy a few stock photos to hold you over. Afterward, you can take photos for social media and link them to your site and email marketing. Then, when you’ve made enough money, you can hire a professional to take photos of staff, your product, and other items you want on your site. But, it’s important to know that professional photos can make all the difference when you’re first starting a business. Why?

Show your clients what you have to offer.

Ever heard the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” It may sound cliche, but it’s true. You don’t need to tell your customers about your product, your business, or what you have to offer. You need to show them. Whether you’re a retail spot, blue collar business, or white collar firm, you need to give your clients a clear view of what you have to offer them.

Your media represents your business.

If all you have are cheap stock photos, then that’s what you have to represent your business. Instead, have professional photos of your business taken and the media you have available will clearly show your business exactly as it is, and exactly for what it has to offer.

Your customers want to get to know you.

Show a few photos of you and your staff working together. Maybe even arrange for professional head shots for managers, along with employee introductions. Your customers may want your product, but more than anything, they want to get to know the people behind the product.

Images help customers find you on the Internet.

You’re more likely to land a higher spot on Google’s search pages if you have clear, professional photos paired with strong SEO on your site. Hire a professional, arrange to have the photos you want appear on search engines, and see how many hits you get on your site.

Professional photos are versatile.

Let’s say you have an upcoming fundraiser, sale, or community event and you want to make flyers or a social media event. Do you want to have to take new photos every time? Find your cache of professional photos and use those for all your advertising, marketing, and social media needs. Your customers will quickly begin to recognize your brand; they won’t even need to see the description to know it’s your company hosting the events.