Smart Meetings

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Smart Meetings

How often do you go to a meeting at work where everyone talks about wanting to eradicate paper from the office, but they’re all carrying folders filled with paper notes and legal pads? 2018 is quickly turning into the Year of the Smart Meeting. What is a Smart Meeting? The whole idea of a Smart Meeting is that everyone can bring a piece of technology – whether that be a laptop, tablet, or even smart phone – with them, connect to the WIFI, and join a safe meeting space where you can all share information and ideas.

So what are some trends in technology with Smart Meetings, and how can you integrate this technology into your own business?

Technology will continue becoming less expensive and more accessible. Because advances are being made in web and open-service technology, everything is being created more quickly and easier to use. It’s also cheaper, so no matter the size of your company or your budget, you should be able to find something that fits your unique needs.

Tablets and iPads will make paperless conference binders a reality. Light, portable devices with large, high-resolution screens and many free and low-cost apps make accessing and editing conference-related documents easy to facilitate.

Conference attendees won’t need to bring any paper. Mobile event guide apps are light, searchable, updatable, and interactive. They provide attendees with a much richer experience than any of their alternative paper event programs and exhibition guides.

Tiered free WIFI will become available in many convention centers and hotels. WIFI has become the lifeblood of event communications and is becoming a necessity rather than simply an option. Most hotels already offer some form of free WIFI, and convention centers do the same.

Event WIFI problems will get worse before getting better. WIFI equipment and bandwidth is expensive and many meeting venues are still lagging in attaining the capability to accommodate the rapidly increasing demand for WIFI.

Internet video will see unprecedented growth for event marketing, communication, and audience engagement. Internet videos engage viewers, can improve content retention, are readily accessed by many devices, and can easily be share via social media channels. Plus, the expense of producing and distributing Internet videos has markedly decreased. 2018 has already seen a marked increase in the amount of Internet marketing and video communication online. If you’ve ever watched a Ted Talk or the release of any new Apple products, then you know this to be true.

Despite the increased use of virtual meetings technology, face-to-face meetings and tradeshows will remain viable and incredibly important. Virtual meeting and webinar use have increased, but face-to-face meetings and tradeshows continue to provide excellent value for education, networking, and sales budgets. Webinars are good for short information exchange, but meetings offer a much richer learning experience. Old-fashioned person to person marketing and sales will never go out the window.