Social Media and Content Marketing Trends

Social Media and Content Marketing Trends

Social media and content marketing have undeniably become heavy-duty tools to gain a larger share of one’s target market. With new technologies being released all the time and apps, social media is a staple in almost every single person’s life. In the more recent years, some of the more well-known social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, have made a lot of modifications. As new technological advances emerge, social media channels have to keep up and so must business owners aiming to best promote their brands.

The ability to keep up with the changes requires time and money. Some companies feel overwhelmed when even contemplating having to come up with fresh content to post, different platforms to manage and an overall plan to manage all of the tools that it seems one has to manage in order to keep up with the competition.

Getting a good grasp of which platforms will work best for your business is a great place to start in organizing your social media and content marketing plan. Think of social media as a competition where everyone is competing for a piece of the market. If you see that one social media platform seems to be getting more users and attention than others and you only want to work with one platform to start, start with that one.

Of course, there is always the need for marketing teams to look at ROI to see which strategies are working best and which ones should be put to rest or modified. Business owners and marketing teams need to consistently evaluate and re-evaluate what is working to bring more sales, revenue, attention to the brand.

There is also an increased focus on close analysis of customer behaviors. Also referred to as social listening, this method consists of collecting and observing data from customers and the competition by tracking how many times there are “mentions” on social media.

Social media influences have also gained quite a bit of popularity, as has the temporary content available through Instagram and Snapchat stories. Large corporations are turning to influencer marketing, seeing the large audience reach and the number of purchases consumers have reported they have made based on influencer marketing initiatives.

Mobile-friendly content is another aspect that has become extremely important to social media and content marketing plans to the point that it is the new normal. According to Forbes, “In 2018, the number of smartphone users worldwide is projected to be around 2.53 billion.” With apps becoming more commonplace and everyone seeming to get busier and busier, people will be using their smartphones for more tasks. The demand for mobile-friendly content is growing rapidly and any business that wants to succeed will have to stay up to speed with this trend.