Social Media: Building Solid Relationships by Using Communities on Google Plus

Social Media: Building Solid Relationships by Using Communities on Google Plus

Being on social media means being social, and it’s hard to see any kind of positive results from social media unless you are interacting with other people, sharing your expertise, and giving people a reason to learn more about you and develop positive feelings about your company and what it does.

Fortunately, social media has plenty of opportunities to do just that – including using communities and groups to your benefit.

A community is basically an online network or forum focused on one particular topic or identity. You can have groups for marketing professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, attorneys, restaurant workers, people who live in Florida, fans of a certain team, alumni from a certain university – you name it, the possibilities are endless.

One social media network that is great for this kind of work is Google Plus with its Google Plus Communities

How to Interact With Others and Build Relationships

To get started, look for communities that might interest you. Type in a keyword in the search bar and see what communities pop up. You can find communities for just about any topic.

One, for example, is Social Media, a community that has 17,486 members. Once you’re in a community like this, you can read discussions posted by other people, introduce yourself, and even post discussions of your own.

Getting started, though, I highly recommend you first read through the community to get a good feel for what people are posting, how they talk, and what interests them.

Nothing is worse than going onto a community to just start posting your own blogs and articles randomly and risk turning off the people you are trying to reach.

Instead, take the time to get to know the members of the community. Then, once you have become a member of the group and have participated on a good level with many, you can start introducing some of your own content.

Just be sure to follow each community’s guidelines. Most community administrators and moderators on Google Plus are very strict about following these guidelines; you don’t want to be reprimanded!

Ask questions, be sincere, and provide good comments. You’ll find that communities are a great way to connect online.

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Nella DeCesare, Marketing Strategist