Social Media Marketing: Tips for Optimizing Your Google+ Profile

Social Media Marketing: Tips for Optimizing Your Google+ Profile

After only being three years in operation, Google+ is the world’s second-largest social media network, with over 235 million users.

Plus, it’s owned by Google – which you know means the network will have a big part to play in search engine results moving forward.

For these reasons and others, you want your Google+ profile to be as complete and attractive as possible. Here are tips you can use to optimize your profile.

Make Use of the Profile’s Visual Space

Google+, like other networks, gives you the ability to have a cover photo. Unlike other photos, though, the one for Google+ is massive.

For your profile, use an image that is 2120 x 1192 pixels. Only the bottom portion will be visible when you first open the page, so try to find something that interests the user enough to scroll up and see the entire thing.

Also, try to post a picture with each post if at all possible. Pictures are very powerful and attract attention easily in a feed.

Make Your Profile Powerful

When you write your profile, make sure you use keywords and incorporate links into the description with keywords as anchor text for the links. This helps to give you a link from Google+ to a website, which helps your SEO.

The First Sentence Matters

Part of your profile is what you post – and there is one thing you can do to make your content and profile stand out and encourage clicks.

The first sentence of each post supplies Google with a title tag. In other words, when people see your post online, the first sentence is what they will see.

So, use keywords and be very clear, concise and to the point. Think of your first sentence as a headline for an article, or a subject line for an email. Use something that will get their attention.

The same applies for your profile’s title, too. You want to use effective keywords for your job description, for example – things that are clear but are also popular.

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