Southwest Florida Marketing – Take advantage of the summer off-season

Southwest Florida Marketing – Take advantage of the summer off-season

Many of us doing business in Southwest Florida know that late spring and summer are usually slower than our winter season.  Many of us also take that opportunity to rest or take a vacation.  I, for one, agree that a vacation is a great idea after a crazy-busy season!  However, don’t plan on vacationing all summer long because summer is the BEST time to get your marketing strategies in place for the upcoming new winter season!

marketing strategy planThis is the time when you should be evaluating the success (or failure) of this season’s marketing efforts, then taking what you learn to develop your budget and marketing mix for next season.

While this may sound easy, it isn’t. Even though you may not be as busy as you were in season, you’re still busy and you’ll need to carve out the time to evaluate, develop and plan.  Not to mention, once you have a plan, you’ll need time to gather the right resources and people to get your plan in place and ready to go.

You may need to research new programs, reserve ad space, design and update literature and collateral, update your website and email campaigns, beef up your social media efforts, update or develop new mailing lists, develop new messaging, etc.  Many of these tasks could take weeks to complete depending on your strategy.

This can be a BIG challenge if you wait until the fall season to start these tasks! The point is that you’ll want to be ready for the NEXT winter season and not scramble at the last minute to get your marketing plan in place.

Lastly, if you’re smart enough to have a great marketing director or consultant, get them on the job NOW!