Southwest Florida Marketing: What’s in a Perfect Facebook Post?

Southwest Florida Marketing: What’s in a Perfect Facebook Post?

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What’s in a Perfect Facebook Post?

Like most businesses, you probably have a business Facebook page. (If you do, good job; if not, you might want to think about it!)

Facebook can be a great way for business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses to reach out and connect with a target audience – current customers, friends of your customers, and potential customers.  With over one billion users, Facebook is the largest playground for a marketer, with tons of potential for a business when it comes to engagement.

How, exactly, do you engage with people on Facebook in the optimal manner? How do you create a perfect Facebook post? Here are a few helpful hints.

Pictures Really Are Worth a Thousand words

Humans are visual creatures. We prefer things that explain messages succinctly in a visual format (which is why cavemen developed art before written language!).

So, putting a picture with your post is one simple way to increase engagement. The proof is in the pudding: Facebook reports that a picture alone generates 120% more engagement than a text-only post. The  number goes up to 180% higher engagement when you share a photo album. Additionally, we also know that Google ranks content with images higher than content without images.

Be Brief.

Brief works. People don’t have time for long messages. Keep your posts around 100 characters. (See?)

Create Value Propositions

Facebook works great when marketers and businesses incorporate deals and offers into their content strategies. People like receiving deals. And, when you give someone something, they are far more likely to give you something in return – which includes anything from Facebook ‘likes’ to referrals and new business.

Post at the Right Time of Day

Different people view Facebook at different times of the day. If your primary market consists of working adults, Facebook engagement during the working day is lowest (but not absent!). If your primary market consists of college students, that typically is inversed; they are more likely to check their Facebook during the day.

Weekends, for most industries, tend to be better; people have more time to leisurely scroll through Facebook. Monday is the best day for general retail; Wednesday is the worst.

The solution is to find out when your customers are online, and post at that time.

A perfect Facebook post is easier than you think. The hints above will help you get better engagement with each post.

If you want to know more about building the “perfect” Facebook strategy for your business, contact WBN Marketing today!