Tapping Into Emotion in Your Marketing Campaigns

Tapping Into Emotion in Your Marketing Campaigns

When you’re thinking about creating a marketing piece, or a piece of content, what is your end goal?

You obviously want to engage with your audience, or create a new lead, or generate interest in a product or service. But beyond that, what do you want to happen within your customer?

The best pieces of content today – whether they’re on social media or on a blog or emailed to a list – all tap into some kind of emotion and generate some kind of emotional response for a target audience. They invoke some kind of passion, or address some fear, or provide some boon for a consumer.

The reason is simple: people are emotional creatures. Even “stuffy” B2B companies are staffed with humans who have needs, wants, and desires, or obstacles that need to be overcome. We’re all looking for connection, after all.

Incorporating emotional triggers into your content is the best way to attract attention and generate interest.

How to Emotionalize Your Content

Adding emotion to your content is all about identifying the emotional triggers that your audience members respond to.

Let’s take one topic, “vacation rentals.” Vacation rentals are huge here in Southwest Florida. Thousands of people come to our area every single year to enjoy our beaches and our local entertainment. But what are they really doing? They’re looking to create memories, to have fun, to spend quality time with friends and family. They’re looking for relaxation, to get away from stress, and to unwind.

So, if you’re selling vacation rentals, you can tap into that by focusing on why people really come to the beach and rent vacation homes. Share stories from previous tenants and talk about the awesome time they had at the beach. Share pictures and discuss how you can create family memories that will last for a lifetime.

If you’re a real estate agent, talk about the thrill of buying a new home. Talk about the excitement that comes with making your home the perfect dream home – or the satisfaction that comes with selling a home and getting great value for it.

Think about what feelings your audience has, and discuss content that connects those feelings with what you do. That’s the best way to invoke a positive response.