The best marketing advice you can get in the Southwest Florida market – for FREE!

The best marketing advice you can get in the Southwest Florida market – for FREE!

Procrastination and Fear of Failure are NOT marketing strategies!

This blog was born from an article I read today in the Fort Myers News-Press. The article was provided by a “guest” commentator who talked about the real estate market and how hard the Southwest Florida market was hit, how people are still suffering, how hard recovery (or lack thereof) has been, etc., etc. etc. Basically, the same old story…sorry if I offend but it’s old news and we know it.

After I read it, I got to thinking that we all create our own paths, don’t we? If you’re struggling financially or your business is still struggling four years later after the market first went belly-up, is that still a result of the market or is it a result of procrastination and fear of failure? Many business owners are still out there stuggling – why? If you’ve made no steps forward at all since the economy first tanked in SW Florida, that is not a market problem. It’s you.

As a marketing professional, I consult and morph into the “right-hand” man (or woman I should say) for many of my clients.  Clients and business people who are smart don’t wait around to watch their business fail.  If they can’t attend to marketing, they hire me. Smart choice.

While the market is not what is was four years ago, you don’t have to flounder around commiserating about how it used to be.  Take control of your business and your marketing! If you really and truly can’t make your business work in this modified market we are now working in, then find another business or start a new venture that WILL work. 

The worse thing we can do is procrastinate or be afraid because that will get you nowhere fast. Think positively about what you can do to help your existing business through marketing or maybe how you can market a new business.

How do I know all this and what makes me an authority on it? Here’s why.

After losing an almost 6-figure paying job in 2008 due to “downsizing”, being on unemployment for 6 months with a spouse who is disabled veteran with no income, moving twice across the U.S. to get my career resurrected, and finally settling in SW Florida with a crappy dead-end job as a sales assistant (assisting a sociopath with anger and control issues to boot)  that paid 75% less than my former salary and living on that one income for a 2-person 2-dog household for 2 years. During those 2 long years, I busted my ass to start a business on the side while working full-time.  It was NOT easy, but it was up to me to change things.  Now, my business is thriving, money and my family’s security is no longer an issue. Yes, you can make it work.

In regards to you and your situation, I’m here to help . Just do SOMETHING as opposed to NOTHING. Contact me today at 239-919-0933 or [email protected].