The Most Important Attributes of a Good Link | SEO Services in Florida

The Most Important Attributes of a Good Link | SEO Services in Florida

Link-building is still an important part of SEO services in Florida. The more quality links you have connecting to your website, the higher your website will rank (all other factors notwithstanding, of course).

But what makes for a good link? What factors play into what constitutes a quality link that helps your website without hurting it? After all, you can have a lot of low-quality links link back to your website without your site receiving any positive benefit.

The folks over at reviewed 20 different link attributes, and here are some of the ones they determined to be the most important for high-quality links.

Domain Authority

Domain authority – how important Google perceives a website to be – is one of the most important attributes. This basically means getting links from websites and domains that Google views to be relevant. These websites tend to rank higher in results and have more traffic than the rest. They tend to be well-respected websites.

External Links

Moz also pointed out something that we’ve known for years – external links (links coming from other websites to your own) are far more valuable than internal links (links between pages on your website). The more external links you have, all things considered equal, the better you’ll perform.

Other Link Quality

This is a deeper metric that gauges the quality of the other outgoing links on the website that is linking to you.

For example, let’s say you want a link from Website A. Website A also links to Websites B and C. Websites B and C are high-quality websites. Google views Websites B and C as quality websites; therefore, a link from Website A to your website is a good link.

Let’s say, though, that instead of linking to Websites B and C, they link to Websites D and E. D and E are low-quality websites with poor reputations. Google then will not look at Website A’s links as very valuable.

User Engagement

Finally, one important factor is that the website that is linking to you has a high degree of user engagement. In other words, do a lot of people engage with the website that is linking to you? Do people go to this website, click on links, engage socially, etc.? This is also the same with the link itself; are people clicking on it, sharing it, etc.?

It’s hard to measure, but generally, the more traffic and clicks and activity you get from a link, the better it is for your website.

There are more factors in play; to read more about Moz’s observations, click here.