Three Rules for Selecting the Right Keywords | Florida SEO Services

Three Rules for Selecting the Right Keywords | Florida SEO Services

One big part of proper Florida SEO services is selecting the right keyword.

Keywords are the key – no pun intended – to any successful search engine optimization campaign. You can’t do it without the right keywords and keyword phrases, primarily because you won’t be able to connect what people are searching for with your website.

Think of keywords as bridges over canyons that lead your customers to your site. Without them, they’ll never cross over the crevasse.

Not just any keyword will do, though. You need to pick the right ones. Here are three important rules for keywords.


Keywords must, above all, be relevant.

If a keyword doesn’t have anything to do with your business, it won’t work for you. For example, “best accountant in Naples” doesn’t do much for a construction company. Obvious examples aside, you have to have keywords that are directly related to what you do and what you offer.


Keywords have to also be popular – or at least, popular enough.

This means people have to actually search for them. “Best accountant in Naples” may be relevant to an accountant, but if only five people actually search for that per month, it probably isn’t the best keyword for you.

You want enough people to search for the term to make optimizing for it worth it.

(Relatively) Uncompetitive

Lastly, you want the keywords you select to be keywords you can actually rank for.

“Accountant”, while relevant and popular, is so broad that you can’t possibly rank for it unless you’re a mega-firm and spend millions per year in online marketing. “Best accountant in Naples” may be competitive, but it may be a term you actually have a shot ranking for.

There are tools that can help you determine how competitive a keyword is. A really competitive keyword may not be worth it if you have a limited budget, since you might not be able to reasonably rank for it.

That’s why you choose keyword phrases that give you a fighting chance.

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