Tips for Increasing Engagement with Social Media Marketing

Tips for Increasing Engagement with Social Media Marketing

‘Engagement’ is one of those marketing buzzwords that everyone hates. But, while it’s overused, and people think engagement is the goal (it’s not; the goal is and always remains getting new customers), it’s still something we want more of, because of what it allows us to do.

Engagement is generally defined as any time a user involves himself or herself with the brand. On Facebook, this comes in the form of likes, comments, reactions, and shares. On Twitter, this comes with retweets, mentions, and comments. Each platform has ways users engage themselves with a brand.

More engagement is good because it helps push people along the sales funnel. The more a potential customer engages with a brand, the more likely they are to interact with the brand in the future – and, hopefully, buy.

Here are tips to boost your engagement.

Ask for Opinions

People love giving their opinions. One easy way to get engagement is to ask people questions and invite them to share their thoughts.

We saw one homebuilder make good use of this tactic when they put two images of two different homes side by side and asked people which one they preferred. You can also do this trick with, say, a clothing boutique by sharing a picture of a celebrity followed by two outfits and asking your users which outfit would look better on the celebrity.

Asking questions is always great. Give people an opportunity to speak their mind and they usually will.

Talk About Important Stuff (Not Your Brand)

People don’t really like engaging with posts that just talk about the brand. They like engaging with important stuff – which varies in definition from person to person but generally means things that a user finds interesting and noteworthy.

Current events are great examples of things people like to read about. If you can tie your brand message into a current event, you’re more likely to solicit responses and engagement. Couple this with the first tip – asking their opinion – and you have a powerful one-two punch.

Focus On People

Finally, you can boost engagement by focusing on people, not things or abstract concepts.

Instead of just talking about your product, talk about how people use it. Talk about the difference your product or service has made in the lives of your customers. Share a profile of a customer. Tell a human interest story. Talk about people, people, people – do that and you’ll attract more engagement.

What are some other social media marketing tips you’ve found effective?