Tips to for YouTube marketing efforts

Tips to for YouTube marketing efforts

We’ve written more than a few blogs about the benefits of advertising on YouTube, and if you haven’t taken that plunge yet, it may be worth considering.  And if you’re worried that you don’t have access to a professional film crew, video editors, or graphic designers to help you out- you can put those concerns to bed.  Why? Because if you take some time to browse the website, you’ll quickly notice that some of the most viral (and most liked) videos were not made by professionals.

Suffice to say, you don’t need to spend boat loads of cash to get a good ROI.

What to know if you’re just starting out

Do you need to completely recreate the wheel to get likes and shares? Not necessarily. Take some time to see what your competition is doing, and the other types of videos that are working well for businesses in your industry.

For example, if you own an Italian restaurant and you notice that videos from other Italian restaurant owners that feature cooking tips, tutorials, and how-to guides do well, this type of video may also work well for you. On the other hand, if you notice videos that talk about the origins of marinara sauce don’t get a lot of views, avoiding that topic is a safe bet.

Don’t use keyword/ keyword phrase tags when you post your video

Keywords are an important, period. Why? Because they help the search engine crawlers know what your video is about.  

Let’s imagine you own a company that sells curtains.  When you post your video, you’d want to use the word “curtains” in your video tags and the video description.

For example:

  • Title: Benefits of wall-length curtains
  • Description:  When you opt for wall-length curtains you’re not just updating the aesthetics of your room- you’re also insulating your room from the warm rays of the sun.  Watch this video to learn more about how curtains can help keep your home cool in the summer.
  • Tags: Curtains, blackout curtains, insulating curtains, benefits of curtains

Remember to add a CTA

Lastly, don’t forget to include a call to action. Examples of worthwhile CTAs include “click here to subscribe to my other videos,” or “follow me on TikTok.”   You can also ask viewers to post their comments and questions.

Do you have questions about the benefits of YouTube marketing? We can help. Call WBN Marketing of Florida today to get started.