Tips to Improve Your Google AdWords Performance | Florida Internet Marketing

Tips to Improve Your Google AdWords Performance | Florida Internet Marketing

The closest thing you can get to a sure thing in the real world is a customer who walks into your door with a problem in desperate search of a solution.

Let’s say you’re a tow truck company. You get a call from a customer whose car broke down on the side of the road. They need it towed to a mechanic. You’re the first person they found through the Internet. That’s a sure thing – they’re 99 percent of the way toward doing business with you.

Using Google AdWords is like that; it’s the closest thing to a sure thing in the digital marketing space. After all, people use search engines when they’re looking for solutions to problems they have – and when they see your ad staring at them on the results page, they’re probably going to click it and be very interested in what you have to offer.

If you’re taking advantage of Google AdWords in your Florida Internet marketing campaign, but want to get the most bang for your buck (or bid), here are a few tips to help.

Choose Competitive Keywords

Many businesses that use Google AdWords as part of a Florida Internet marketing strategy tend to choose poor keywords.

It’s the truth. Keywords need to be competitive, which means they need to be relevant, popular, and relatively easy to rank for.

Businesses tend to miss on one or more of those criteria. Many choose keywords that are very popular, but are way too competitive in that far too many people are trying to rank for them. Others choose keywords that are too broad, or aren’t broad enough and have very few people actually searching for them.

A competitive keyword is a keyword that works because just enough people actually use it, it’s relevant to your business, and there isn’t too much competition for it.

Connect Your Pages to Text in Your Ads

Another thing you can do to improve your ads’ performance – specifically their conversion rate – is to make sure the landing page you tie to the ad talks about the same topic as the ad itself.

In other words, let’s say you’re an IT services company. Your keyword is “remote IT services”. You should use that term in your ad and create a landing page that focuses on remote IT services. That way, there’s a clear connection between the keyword, the ad, and the landing page. This helps get more conversions, which ultimately delivers more ROI.

Utilize Location Targeting

If you’re a business that is largely confined to a specific geographic service area – say, you’re a real estate firm, or you have a medical practice that services one or two counties – you’ll want to use location targeting to limit your ads to people searching from your specific area.

Otherwise, you’ll waste money because you’ll get clicks from people outside of your service area – people who will never use you.

Use A/B Testing for Your Ads

When you use Google AdWords as a part of your Florida Internet marketing campaign, you’ll have an ad group with multiple ads in it.

Create two versions of the same ad. Make them have one key difference between them. Then, run both as a part of an ad group. After a certain period of time, when you’ve gathered enough data, check the numbers on each and see which one performed the best. Then, drop the poorly-performing one and create a new version to test with the winner – and repeat this several times.

Google AdWords can be powerful. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to use with AdWords and PPC marketing in general as a part of our ongoing advice for Florida Internet marketing.