Top Content Marketing Trends for 2017

Top Content Marketing Trends for 2017


Content marketing strategy continues to be a vital part of any organization’s overall business plan. History indicates that organizations, which take care in creating a content marketing strategy and consistently review it to ensure they are moving in the right direction, are more likely to be successful.

Content marketing trends forecasted for 2017 include:

Video continues to play a vital role in content marketing. Visual storytelling in order to relay value in the products and/or services offered by a business, as well as a clear process in the delivery of the video are extremely valuable.

Native advertising refers to the paid placement of content on platforms outside of the business’ own media and is usually information based, so the content is useful, interesting, and targeted to a specific audience. A bigger focus on native advertising is expected in the coming year, as companies see the value in this form of content promotion.

Writing is still extremely important, if not more important than ever. Although social media and videos are important, most of our communication is text and story based. Many marketers lack good writing skills, which is when the importance of finding good freelance or staff writers comes into play, because it’s as much quality as it is quantity when it comes to posting blogs, writing articles and press releases, capturing an audience through the text on your websites and more.

Social media as a means to promote your content assets and services is only increasing in importance, and it is competitive. Mapping out a strategy to optimize your time and test what works for best (because there are so many social media outlets) is key.

Other key content marketing focuses for 2017:

  • Purpose-driven marketing
  • Content strategy
  • Content technology
  • Content distribution and promotion
  • Global integration
  • Effective workflow amongst teams
  • Email and utilizing marketing automation
  • Influencer strategy
  • ROI and measurement to track success of content marketing programs