Two Big Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Two Big Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

We’ve written about email marketing lately because it’s still a powerful force in digital marketing. Emails offer something few other approaches do: the chance to directly connect on a personal level with a prospect while simultaneously reaching out to hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

Your email marketing campaign has a great chance of driving sales and traffic – but that’s only if you can avoid common mistakes (and even some uncommon ones) that plague the industry.

Here, we’ll talk about two big email marketing mistakes you’ll definitely want to avoid in order to improve your campaign’s chances of success.

Why People Unsubscribe

Before we get into it, though, we’ll explore the main reasons why people unsubscribe from your newsletter.

The most commonly-cited reason was frequency. People unsubscribe if they receive too many emails from you on a regular basis. How many is too many? Getting more than one per week is probably too many. From there, you’ll have to evaluate it as you go. If you have a lot of news or products to share, then bi-weekly emails may not be that bad.

Relevance is the second most commonly-cited reason. People unsubscribe if they’re not getting emails that are relevant to their interests. This just means you have to do a good job of targeting your prospects so that people who do sign up are actually interest.

Mistake #1: Creating a False Sense of Urgency

People respond to timeliness and urgency. If you have a sale, for example, it’s best to announce that the sale is for “this week only!”, or that your discounts end in three days, so customers better act now.

Doing that too often, though, is a recipe for failure because people become desensitized to a false sense of urgency. If you seem to always have a “last-minute deal” or a short expiration date on a discount or coupon, then people will eventually tune you out.

Mistake #2: Sending Emails that are Too Long

Another mistake that’ll earn unsubscriptions is sending emails that are too long.

It’s easy to send an email that is simply too long. You’ve seen them; they seem to go on and on for multiple paragraphs (or worse, blocks of text) without anything to call attention to anything specific, or without getting to the point quickly.

You only have a very limited amount of time to register an impression. That’s why infographics and images with words on them are very helpful; they allow you to quickly convey a point. Of course, some topics require more written text, but even those emails should be concise and brief.

How long is too long? If it takes you more than two to three minutes of reading to get what the email is about, it’s probably too long.