Two Big Mistakes Business Owners Make with Their Websites

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Two Big Mistakes Business Owners Make with Their Websites

As digital marketing experts, we’ve seen our fair share of website (and web design) fails. If you haven’t updated your company’s website in longer than you can remember and you’re wondering if it’d pass muster, we’re here to help. For this blog, we wanted to discuss two of the biggest mistakes that business owners make with their websites.

You have a lot going on

Imagine you’re walking down a popular retail corridor in your favorite city. You goal is to buy a new pair of shoes. As you get closer to an intersection, you notice two different shoe stores that are positioned on opposite sides of the street. One is well designed and has an aesthetically pleasing window display. The employees are well dressed and there are several potted plants that are situated around the front entrance. The other store- well, that one is painted hot pink and bright orange, there are at least three different banners hanging off the front of it (all of which are printed in different font), and there is awful, terrible music being blared from interior speakers. What’s most interesting, is that both stores have the exact same inventory- at the exact same price points.

Which store are you going to walk into?

You can think of web design in the same way. In fact, a wide range of studies have found that if a visitor can’t figure out what your website is about, within the first few second of landing on your homepage, they’re not going to stick around for long.

If your web design isn’t clean, easy to understand and easy to navigate, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

You haven’t updated your content in forever

A few weeks ago, one of our employees was on the hunt for restaurant delivery- yet when she came across a website for an Italian restaurant in her neighborhood, she initially thought it had gone out of business. Why? Because the homepage had a bunch of “upcoming events” listed- and the most recent post was from 2018.

So yes- if your content is old and outdated, this could also be harming your business.

Final thoughts

If you don’t have an in-house webmaster (and/or the idea of rewriting your website’s content, by yourself, feels a little scary), we can help.

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