Two More Mistakes Business Owners Make with Their Websites


Two More Mistakes Business Owners Make with Their Websites

In our last blog post we talked about two big mistakes that business owners make with their websites, namely, choosing a visually busy design scheme and neglecting to update the content. Yet there still are lots of other “website fails” that business owners should avoid.

You don’t have a responsive design

This problem is becoming less and less frequent, but there are still plenty of businesses that haven’t invested in responsive website design.  What is this and why is it important? We’ll tell you.

Responsive design is what allows people to view your website from any Internet connected device- and it helps your website understand whether it’s being viewed on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. If you don’t have a responsive design and someone tries to view your website on a mobile device, it’s probably going to look like a bit of a disaster. (The best analogy we can provide would be imagine trying to jam a large square peg into a small circular hole.)

Considering that most internet searches are being initiated on handheld devices, if you don’t have responsive web design, you’ll want to get on that ASAP.

Your website has a speed problem

If any page on your website takes more than four seconds to load completely, it’s too slow. So why is this important?  Do you like sitting in front of your TV waiting for your streaming service to stop buffering? We’re guessing the answer is “no.”

If people are left twiddling their thumbs while they’re waiting for one or more pages on your website to load, they’re likely not going to hang out for long. In fact, there’s a very good chance that user is going to “bounce.”

When people bounce quickly away from your website, this increases your website’s “bounce rate,” and having a high bounce rate is bad.

Search engine algorithms take many things into account when it comes to a website’s SEO ranking (aka, how well a website ranks during an Internet search.) Websites that have a high bounce rate get dinged. Suffice to say, when it comes to website design, you’ll want to make sure you do everything you can to minimize your bounce rate—and this includes making sure your pages load quickly.

In closing

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