Two Ways to Get Better Keywords | SEO Services in Florida

Two Ways to Get Better Keywords | SEO Services in Florida

As we’ve talked about on this blog on several occasions, keywords are the foundation, the bread and butter, of search engine optimization and SEO services in Florida.

Without good keywords, your SEO will flounder. You’ll use keywords no one searches for, or you’ll pick keywords that are way too competitive and thus almost impossible to rank for without a massive budget.

Choosing the right keywords is key, and here are a few ways you can do just that in addition to the tried-and-true methods of using a keyword search tool and just making informed guesses.

Use Your Site Search

Many websites come with a site search feature that allows your visitors to search for keywords on your site. It could be a blog topic, a product, or something else, but no matter what it is, this is a rich resource for keywords because you can tap into what keywords your visitors are using to find your products or services.

You can also use these searches to help you fine-tune the navigation of your website. Most users will try to look for information before searching for it internally, so if you’re getting a lot of searches for a particular item, you’re probably not making that item very easy to find.

Some of these searches may lead to sales. That means their conversion rate is probably higher than average. These are excellent keywords to use.

Find Out What You’re Ranking For

You can also use tools that tell you what keywords you’re already ranking for – even if you’re not targeting those keywords.

AuthorityLabs has a “Now Provided” tool that tells you what keywords you are ranking for, whether or not you’re targeting them (and whether or not they even appear on your website). If you’re ranking well for a keyword that isn’t one of your primary targets (i.e. you haven’t optimized for it), it could be a very worthwhile opportunity to try to target that keyword and place it strategically throughout your website.

If you’re ranking well, chances are, that’s a good keyword for you. You should include it in your strategy.

Getting Great SEO Services in Florida

If you have a website that you’d like to optimize, contact us – we’d be glad to help you find great keywords and implement them throughout your strategy.