How Does User Experience Impact Website Search Rankings?

How Does User Experience Impact Website Search Rankings?

We’ve written a lot on what impacts your website’s search rankings and SEO services in Florida. From inbound links to keyword-rich content, there are a lot of factors that play a role in how well your site (more accurately, its pages) ranks in search results for a given keyword.

One overlooked and oft-ignored factor is user experience. In particular, how well do users like your website? You’d think that’d be hard to figure out, but it actually isn’t. There are metrics we can analyze that tell us how well your site serves your users.

Some of these metrics include:

  • Time on site: How long does the average person stay on your website before leaving? The longer, the better; that means they’re getting good value from your site.
  • Bounce rate: How often do people enter your website, then leave without going anywhere else? When they view only one page then leave, that’s called a ‘bounce’ – and suggests that either the website isn’t relevant to their interests or it doesn’t hold their attention.
  • Dwell time: Dwell time is how long the user spends on a particular page. This measures how relevant the page is to the search, or how good the content is, since the page they’re tracking is often the first page that the search link leads to.

Do these metrics have a direct impact on search results? In other words, does Google factor these metrics into its complicated ranking algorithms?

Officially, the answer is no. But as the folks at Moz found out, there is an indirect relationship between these metrics and high rankings. At least, there’s a correlation between the two. The better your metrics, the better your rankings are – to an extent.

This sounds wishy-washy, and to a degree it is – simply because we don’t know what Google knows. Does that mean you shouldn’t try to improve these metrics? You absolutely should. Not only could it have an impact on rankings; it also makes your site better overall for visitors, and that’s always a good thing.

Don’t forget SEO best practices from SEO services in Florida – but also don’t forget about user experience.