Using for Your SEO and Social Media Marketing Analysis

Using for Your SEO and Social Media Marketing Analysis

Today, marketing is all about measurement – keeping track of how well you’re performing and making improvements to your marketing campaign.

If you want to keep up with your SEO efforts, or see how your social media marketing campaign is working, you need an easy way to track and monitor your statistics. One of the easiest platforms to use out there today is, and using it can seriously help your efforts to track what you’re doing.

Tracking Your Performance tracks key metrics through Google Analytics, metrics like how many visitors you had, how long they stayed on your site, where they came from, how many pages they viewed, and other key pieces of info. It pulls from the Google Analytics attached to your website and then displays the info in a very graphical, easy-to-understand format.

With, you can see, at a glance, what is going on with your site. You can also see how your social media is doing at driving traffic to your site. It will show you how many visitors came from social channels and which channels were responsible for sending them there. also tells you what you’ve done well this week and what metrics improved, but it also tells you what you need to improve upon, so you can tweak your campaign and perform better.

Furthermore, you get a weekly report sent to you that keeps you in the loop.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use platform that gives you diagnostic info about your campaign at a glance in an attractive and easy-to-understand way, try The free version is very robust, but you can pay more for more abilities and branded capabilities. Try it out!