Want to Reach More with Facebook Marketing? Use Original Content

Want to Reach More with Facebook Marketing? Use Original Content

We all want to make good use of our social media, and Facebook marketing is a big part of that. So, any study that helps us better understand what makes Facebook marketing effective and productive for our business is a gold mine.

One example: a study from the folks at Moz.com found that original content reaches more potential followers on Facebook than anything else. By this, they mean that what you produce in the form of videos, pictures, and links is more important than status updates.

Videos, in particular are the strongest performers following recent changes Facebook made to what it deems to be important. So are pictures, and links – such as links to blogs and other updates on a website.

In short, Facebook has made it so that people who create unique and original content perform the best. These kinds of posts also get more likes, more shares, and more comments – which ultimately means you have wider reach and more potential followers.

What kinds of original content can you create?

  • Videos of anything from a business process to a customer success story
  • Infographics
  • Images
  • Links to blog posts
  • Links to published articles
  • Links to other social media profiles/platforms (i.e. Pinterest)

Think of what you know and what stories you have to tell. They can be of you or of a client or customer, just as long as they come from your experiences.

Also, be helpful. Share advice and give helpful information whenever possible. Don’t be afraid to share a bit of your business for free; that will only make people look at you as an authority figure in the future should they need your services.

Above all, be original and speak from your own experiences to make the most of your Facebook marketing.