Website Leasing Programs

Website Leasing: The Benefits of Leasing a Custom, Professionally Designed Website


Most small and medium-sized business owners would agree that they’d love to have a website that’s built out with all of the bells and whistles, including SEO optimization, e-commerce functionality and of course, the ability to capture visitors’ email addresses to use in email marketing campaigns. But when you consider that websites need to be maintained, hosted and updated to stay compliant with the web’s ever-changing SEO ranking guidelines, all of this can get very expensive- very fast…especially for a new business. That’s where website leasing comes in.


How Website Leasing Works


When you lease a website from WBN Marketing of Florida LLC, our web design team will work with you to help you choose the types of features you want for your website, such as live chat, appointment settings, or e-commerce, for example. Once we define your website specifications, we’ll provide you with a quote that will outline the timeframe and total cost for the project.


We’ll then draft a long-term leasing agreement that includes two important things, the first of which is your path to website ownership. The second component outlines what our team will do to update and improve your website throughout the duration of the lease.

Most website lease terms span between 1 and 3 years, and, similar to leasing a car, the longer the least term, the lower the monthly payment.


Benefits of Website Leasing


There are various benefits associated with website leasing, such as:

  • Knowing that your website will be continuously updated and maintained
  • Avoiding massive, up-front fees, which frees up cash for your business
  • Building an effective online presence without breaking the bank



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