What Is Ad Retargeting? | Ft Myers Marketing Advice

What Is Ad Retargeting? | Ft Myers Marketing Advice


When it comes to getting your business’s name out there, what approaches do you use?

If you’re like many businesses wrapped up in Ft Myers marketing, ad retargeting probably isn’t on your list. It might not even be on your radar. That’s because even though ad retargeting has become a lot more common than it was a few years ago, it is still obscure to many business owners.

What is ad retargeting and how can it help your marketing program?

Ad Retargeting Explained

Ad retargeting is based on the power of online advertising.

You’ve probably seen online ads before. These ads are most commonly in the form of banners that pop up on websites as you browse the Internet.

These ads are useful at showcasing your brand and getting your potential customers to do something – download something, view a video, send an email, sign up for a newsletter, or buy a product. But, they don’t guarantee a transaction. In fact, even if they lead to a website visit, there’s no guarantee that they’ll take action. Only two percent of visitors to a website, on average, take action and buy something or do something you’d like them to do.

What ad retargeting does is puts your brand back in front of the 98 percent of people who will visit your website once then leave without taking action. Here’s how it works:

  1. Visitors visit your website
  2. A piece of code places a cookie (a snippet of code) on their computers
  3. Visitors leave the website
  4. Your ad retargeting provider places an ad for your website on another website that your visitor visits
  5. Your visitor sees the ad and has a chance to come back to your website

Because of the cookie, the ad network can track your potential customer through their web surfing. One of your banner ads is then displayed on another website. They can click on that ad and go back to your website.

The best kinds of ads are those that offer something in return for a click, such as a discount, a deal, special information, etc. By using ad retargeting, you can use ads to pull back the 98 percent and make customers out of them.

Think about online advertising and ad retargeting as a part of your Ft Myers marketing program. You might be surprised by the results!