What is SEO Marketing?

What is SEO Marketing?

Anyone who runs a business and wants to have any kind of online presence to draw clients, customers and/or traffic to their site needs to have some kind of understanding of what SEO marketing is.  SEO marketing refers to Search Engine Optimization, which is a marketing technique that focuses on free, natural or organic search results, as well as a goal to get your website ranked higher within search results.

All major search engines have natural search results that show up when an individual searches for a specific term or phrase.  The search engine results then appear based on the sites that are most relevant to the search term.  Companies do not pay for their websites to appear in these search results, but they can hire an SEO specialist to help increase their rankings.  SEO specialists are often referred to as SEO marketers.

SEO marketers edit content on the website to make it more relevant.  An SEO marketer can also work on coding or add backlinks to improve relevancy with regard to search results.  Though the specialist may perform specific tasks to improve relevance, it may take some time to see results, as the process for updating search results within search engines is not done continuously.

Algorithms also change for the search engines, which require an SEO marketer to stay on top of changes in order to get the best results for their clients.  Other things for an expert to keep in mind include:  any new search quality guidelines that are released, mobile app optimization, improving site user engagement, and keeping an eye on other featured content that comes up when searching for the same keywords that you would like your site optimized for in the search results.

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