What to know about digital marketing after a natural disaster

Many business owners throughout Southwest Florida are still trying to recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Numerous storefronts and offices experienced flooding, whereas others were destroyed entirely.

And while marketing your business is likely the last thing that’s on your mind, there are numerous ways you can use digital marketing to communicate relevant, important messages to your clients.

Using email

Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your clients. As you craft your messaging, be sure it has a purpose. Now is not the time to announce sales or promotions, but instead, let them know if your hours have changed,  if you’re closed temporarily, or if you have other relevant news that needs to be shared.

If you’re helping to coordinate disaster relief efforts, such as food drives, clothing drives, or you’re helping to raise money on behalf of a local charity, be sure to let your clients know.

What to do if you’re a service provider

The region is in dire need of plumbers, handymen, electricians, roofers, pavers, garage door repair companies, tree and debris removal services, and other related service providers. If you own this type of business, you absolutely want to keep your clients up to date.

Be sure to update your social media accounts regularly with any and all relevant information.  If you have a 3-4 week backlog, make sure your clients know. If the damage that was done to their home may be covered by their homeowners insurance policy and you may be able to work with their insurance company directly, let them know.

If you’re currently working with clients, let potential clients know about how long it’s taking to coordinate with the insurance companies. For example, if you’re hearing that it will take several weeks for the insurance company to approve a claim for roofing, electrical, or plumbing work, let people know.

The more information you can share about what you’re seeing in terms of appointment timelines, job completion timelines, and insurance company claim approval timelines, the better.

In closing            

Natural disasters don’t just impact some of us, they impact all of us, and in working together, we can get through this.

If there is anything that we can assist you with during this difficult time, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want to be as much of a resource to you as we can.