What You Don’t Know About Social Media Advertising Could Be Hurting You

What You Don’t Know About Social Media Advertising Could Be Hurting You

In our last two blog posts we talked about the benefits of paid YouTube advertising. And while many people have been quick to dismiss the platform, wondering “why would we buy ads on a channel that doesn’t contain anything except videos?” the stats are pretty gosh darn compelling.

Namely, YouTube is the #1 social media platform in the US. Facebook comes in second, and Instagram ranked at a distant third.

If you’re not a millennial (or Xennial), the idea of placing digital ads on an online platform can feel a little odd. But the days of people whipping out the Yellow Pages to search for a service provider are long gone. In fact, most people under the age of 35 are likely to have grown up in a household that never had a Yellow Pages on hand.

Newspaper circulation has declined markedly (as evidenced by mass layoffs in newsrooms across the country), and today, like it or not, most people get whatever information they need (regardless as to whether it’s a referral to a florist, dog sitter or recipes for apple pie), on the Internet.

Starting at the top

When it comes to social media advertising, you need to understand the user base. For example, LinkedIn caters to professionals, whereas the majority of TikTok users are aged 13-24. If you’re going to invest in paid social media advertising, be sure to speak with a digital marketing expert, so you can understand which demographic you’re advertising to.

To that same token, depending on who your target customer base is, platform A may be a better choice than platform B. Again, these are all things you’ll want to address with your digital marketing partner.

Is this going to break the bank?6

It doesn’t have to. The beauty of online advertising is that it’s easy to ramp up (or down) depending on your need and budget. If you want to spend X every month, that’s fine. If you want to spend X, Y, Z and then some, that’s also an option. You can think of paid social as an enormous buffet of selections. You pick what you want, pay for what you want, and if you want to go back for seconds, you can.

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