Which Social Media Platform is Best for Your Business?

Which Social Media Platform is Best for Your Business?

Social media has become the marketing giant of the day. It’s important to understand which media platform is best for your company. Here is a list of the largest social media companies, which ones could work best for your company, and why.


Twitter has its ups and downs in the marketplace, almost on a daily basis. Many people decide to get their news from Twitter, in fact. When your company decides to join this platform, know that it was designed for verbal interaction. You can past photos and videos for additional content, but the general idea is to make connections and exchange ideas. Joining Twitter means that you need to be active multiple times per day to not only connect with your customers but also with other companies you wish to work with.


Instagram is a great platform for people who have a product(s) to sell, photos to post, and information to share. If your company is looking to connect with young people, Instagram is the perfect platform. It’s also great for young bloggers, travelers, and people who want to develop a following for a cause or no-profit organization. If you start an Instagram, try to post one image a day and create a hashtag specifically for your company for your followers to share and participate in.


Everyone has a Facebook page. It’s the easiest way to connect with everyone, and you can link all of your pages together. It’s the easiest way to create inexpensive ads, too. Facebook ads can be specially catered to your followers over different places all over the world at different times all throughout the year. It also covers all age demographics, which is particularly helpful when you’re aiming to grow your following.


LinkedIn is the professional way to connect with other companies. The best part about the way the platform has grown is that you can post articles and photos, and even post job listings and recruit new hires. You company can grow in multiple facets thanks to an online presence.


If you have a restaurant, then you should have a Yelp page. Your visitors can review your food and atmosphere, and you can even answer bad reviews right away and invite customers back to give you a try again. It’s important to have that connection with your customers, even if it’s not face-to-face the first time.