Why Do Shoppers Abandon Carts? | Florida Internet Marketing

Why Do Shoppers Abandon Carts? | Florida Internet Marketing

Anyone who has an ecommerce store on their website knows how frustrating it can be to have customers put things into their online carts – only to leave the website, never to return.

Why do people abandon shopping carts online? Why do they select products, only to leave them wilting away in the cart while they traipse off to other parts of the Internet?

Bronto Software and Magneto worked with Ipsos to conduct a survey of online shoppers to ask them why they abandoned their carts and how they responded to post-abandonment emails that are sent out to get people to come back to finish the trip. The sample group was made up of frequent shoppers, occasional shoppers, and infrequent shoppers.

Figuring out shopping cart abandonment involves asking why people use the shopping cart to begin with. Many of the people surveyed – 55 percent of the frequent shoppers – said they use the cart to summarize the purchase to decide what to buy. In other words, they use it to do things like price check, to see how much it’ll be – including shipping.

In this way, it’s like a trial run. “How much will I be spending if I were to buy these things?” They also ask, “How much is shipping?” If the products are too much, or if the cost is too high, they’ll leave their carts.

Many customers also save items to buy them later. They may have many reasons why they postpone the checkout process. Maybe they’re anxious about buying the products. Maybe they want to read more reviews. Maybe they’re doing comparison shopping.

What about post-abandonment reminder emails? Some buyers reported that they’re helpful. In fact, 59 percent of frequent shoppers said they were helpful. Only 35 percent said they were intrusive and only 37 percent said they were annoying.

Thus, it’s okay to send out emails through Florida Internet marketing to people who have abandoned their carts. Most are either appreciative of it or at least neutral about it. It’s even better if you pair the email with a discount code or a free shipping offer, just to sweeten the pot.

Reminder emails can be an important part of Florida Internet marketing. Regardless of the reason why people abandon their carts, they can help bring people back to perhaps finish a purchase.