Why Google Authorship is Huge for Your Website SEO

Why Google Authorship is Huge for Your Website SEO

Do you have a website? Do you have a blog? If so, you should consider adding an important feature to both – Google Authorship.

Google Authorship is Google’s way of connecting a face to information – of putting an actual person to content that is posted online. When you see it in the results, you notice a picture of a person, followed by an excerpt from the blog post or bit of website content.

Why do you want this? Why should this be part of your online presence?

It’s simple – people love pictures. Our eyes are automatically drawn to them. When you see a person’s picture show up in search engine results, you are far more likely to click on it than any other link other than the first couple of links on the page (and sometimes, even before them).

Plus, you get to see the authority behind the words, and create a stronger connection to whatever you’re reading.

Setting up Google Authorship is actually pretty easy to do. You have to have a Google+ account, which you connect to your website and its blog. Then, as you post content, your posts show up on search engine results with your image – especially for people who follow you on Google+.

This is a prime example of how SEO and social media are working together in new and exciting ways. You can promote your business and set yourself up for success through more visibility with Google Authorship, and can make a powerful source of publicity – your blog – work even harder for you.

Blog often and actively. Connect your blog to Google Authorship. Do that and you’ll be far more likely to crack that crucial first page of search engine results and send traffic to your website.