Why I like Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing

Why I like Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing

As the 3rd most popular social network, Pinterest had 18.7 million unique visitors in March 2012 and generates more referral traffic to websites that YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined. Visitors spend an average of 89 minutes per month on the site. 97% of users are women. It’s just plethora of interesting images from all kinds of categories. Some of my favorites are the recipes, fashion, pets and jewelry. I also put Pinterest to the test by pinning some products from my other company, www.DressMyDogNaples.com. In just 2 hours from my initial product pins, I had 21 followers – 4 of which went to my website to purchase products. Ok, do I have your attention now?

So the question is ‘what can Pinterest do for the residential real estate industry?’ I’m thinking a lot. As fast as images go viral on Pinterest, you could get images of a new listings out there in front of a LOT of women. Of course, when it comes to the aestetics of the new home purchase, the women are the decision-makers there. Why not create pinboards for each new listing or community? Or, create pinboards showcasing all your listings gourmet kitchens or extreme baths?  Pinterest does not limit the length of your image. Try turning your market data into a colorful infographic that is easy to read and is the length of the page!

I think there are a lot of reasons to consider Pinterest for your online marketing strategy…

10 reasons why I like Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing

  1. Buyers, especially women, want to see beautiful images of homes when they are looking to buy. 97% of Pinterest users are women.
  2. You can link your image to your website or any other URL.
  3. You can post videos as well, so post those virtual tours! You can link videos from YouTube.
  4. Using Pinterest can enhance your organic search results
  5. If you include the price of your listing in the caption, Pinterest will auto-add a price banner on your image.
  6. It’s  just a matter of time before Google buys Pinterest – think super-amped organic SEO!
  7. The caption copy allows you to get pretty lengthy in copy.You can also include a website in the caption copy.
  8. Your “pin” has the ability to get re-pinned by others, ultimately giving your pin exposure to lots of people.
  9. You can be super creative by conveying your brand through images, thus making it easy to stand out from other agents
  10. The best reason I like Pinterest? Because when I type in Naples, Bonita Springs or Estero Real Estate, NOTHING comes up!  This means there is a HUGE opportunity for smart real estate agents to get on Pinterest and be the agents that come up when that search is performed!

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