Why Internal Links Are Important | SEO Services in Florida

Why Internal Links Are Important | SEO Services in Florida

When you think about SEO services in Florida, what comes to mind?

Good SEO depends on good keywords, naturally. Keyword usage is highly important. Keywords may even be the most fundamental building block of good SEO and helping a website rank high in the search results.

There are many other factors, but one often-overlooked factor is internal links. An internal link is a link that goes from one page on your website to another page – still on the same website. It differs from an external link, which is either when a link on your page links to an outside website or when an outside link links back to your website.

Internal links are underestimated when it comes to good SEO practices. Here’s why.

Internal Linking Helps PageRank

PageRank is the magic score Google uses to evaluate how a page ranks (pretty self-explanatory). One aspect that helps PageRank is internal linking.

By this, we mean making sure your pages have plenty of links from other pages on your website. This helps rankings – as long as there’s a logical connection between the pieces of content. Sometimes, people have crucial pages on one part of the website and then talk about those pages in another part – like a blog – without having any connecting links. This is bad.

Keep in mind that internal links are easier to get than external links, and they can be very effective. Look for logical connections between various pieces of content, especially newer content linking back to older content.

Internal Linking Helps Navigation

From a practical standpoint, internal linking can help get people all across your website, which enhances your website’s metrics and boosts your search engine ranking at the same time.

More links mean more opportunities for people to check out other pages once they land on one page. That then enables you to direct traffic all over your site, which boosts the number of pages viewed, enhances the time on site metric, and lowers your bounce rate.

Internal linking should be a part of your SEO services in Florida. It can really help, and every little bit that helps should be used in this competitive digital world.