Why Isn’t My Website Getting Any Visitors?

Why Isn’t My Website Getting Any Visitors?

Why Isn’t My Website Getting Any Visitors?

Once upon a time we heard an SEO expert use the following analogy.

“Let’s say you’ve designed and launched what’s undoubtedly the #1 restaurant in the world. You have the best layout, the best staff and you’ve hired three of the top-rated chefs on the planet. But if no one knows the restaurant exists, and it’s in a remote part of the country that doesn’t have any roads or pathways, your customers won’t be able to find you.”

You can think of your website in a similar way that you think of this imaginary restaurant.

Circling back to your lack-of-traffic issue

There isn’t one best answer as to why your website (or your blog) isn’t getting the amount of traffic you’d hoped for.  There are a myriad of factors that may be in play.

For example, the age of your domain name, your social media strategy (or lack thereof), insufficient wordcount, insufficient keyword research, the freshness (or staleness) of your content and whether your content is well written, relevant and easy to read.

Your overall website design can also cause problems.

website traffic wbn marketingSlow-to-load websites don’t do well in search engine rankings

Fact: If your website takes more than 4-5 seconds to load, users are likely to click away.

Think about it.

Have you ever tried to stream a video that felt like it was taking forever to load? Have you ever tried to watch an on-demand TV show that kept buffering every 30 seconds? How long did it take you to give up and move onto something else?

The bottom line is this: when users click on a slow-loading page, they tend not to stick around for long.

Slow-loading webpages (and/or shoddy website design) can harm your bounce rate

Your bounce rate relates to the number of visitors who come to your site, and leave (aka, “bounce”) shortly after they visit the first page. In the world of SEO, high bounce rates are bad, whereas low bounce rates are good.

You may also be surprised to learn that website’s bounce rate is closely correlated to first-page search engine rankings. If your website isn’t appearing on the first page of Google search results, this is going to have an enormous impact on the amount of traffic your website gets.

(When was the last time you scrolled to the 5th page of Google search results?)

In closing

There are lots of reasons why your website may not be getting the amount of traffic you desire. For more information about how your website’s design could be doing more harm than good, or about how improving your SEO strategy can improve your website’s ranking, call WBN Marketing today to learn more.